200mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Zoomable-Lens Flashlight-Shape Can-Ignite-Matches

New arrival 200mW burning laser with USB charge green/red color available

New arrival 200mW burning laser with USB charge green/red color available

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This laser is with built-in high-capacity Li-ion battery and USB charger,which brings a great convenience to carry and charge for teachers,hikers,astrophile and so on.

Product details

  • 532nm Green laser pointer
    Our green laser pointer is a good astronomy laser and it can do things like lighting matches and cutting duct tape when focused properly, its laser beam is very bright at night.

  • 650nm Red laser pointer
    our red laser pointer is powerful enough to ignite cigarettes when focused,the red laser beam travels the furthest, deep into the night sky and horizon.

  • 405nm Purple laser pointer
    This laser beam is not as bright as red or green lasers, but it is more capable of burning things. The 405nm laser beam contains higher energy which allows it to engrave, popping balloons without proper focusing.

    Ideas to play with this green burning laser pointer

    ignites matches

    shoots balloons

    engraves on plastics

    shoot off firecrackers

    This item is available in our US warehouse, customers inside the US will receive your laser pointer in 3-5 days.

  • More Information
    SKU 303USB
    MPN Laser 303USB
    Brand White-label Product
    Laser Class Class 3B Laser IIIb
    Laser Power 200mW Laser
    Laser Beam Diameter <2.5 mm
    Laser Beam Divergence <1.5 mRad
    Laser Beam Distance >3000m / 1.86 miles
    Laser Lighting Modes Momentary On / Off and Constant On
    Duty Cycle Continuous
    Interchangeable Lens Yes, interchangeable laser lens, can be changed
    Adjustable Focus Yes, Zoomable
    IP Rating IP65 Waterproof
    Laser NOHD 93 meters
    Required Eyewear OD 2.3+
    Battery Type Built-in Li-on Rechargeable 3.7V
    Battery Lifetime 30 minutes
    Body Style Flashlight Laser Pointer
    Shell Color Black
    Shell Material aluminum alloy
    Working Temperature +20℃ - +30℃
    Storage Temperature -10℃ - +40℃
    Expected Lifetime 5,000 hours
    Weight 93.0g / 3.3oz
    Dimensions 14.8 * 2.2cm / 5.8 * 0.9in (H * D)
    Warranty 1 year
    Package List 1 *USB Laser Pointer
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